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Enterprise Culture
Development Goal
The composites industry base of China,Realize harmonious development of the company, shareholders and employees.
Talent Concept
Everyone is a talent, and pay attention to each employee’s development.
Quality Concept
Quality is the foundation for enterprise living and development.Exceed customer’s expectations.
Service Concept
Meet customer’s demands, and exceed customer’s expectations.
Operation Philosophy
Follow closely with market, and emphasize win-win.
Work Style
Conscientious, prompt, responsible, and promise-keeping.
Quality/Environment Policy
Customer-centric, meet customer’s demands on quality, judge client’s potential requirements on quality timely and accurately, and improve continuously; Observe laws and disciplines, save energy and reduce consumption, prevent pollution, improve continuously and return the deserved clear water, blue sky and white cloud to human.
Quality Objective
1. First pass yield 98%; 2. Customers satisfaction: above 96%.