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Technical Service
      To keep a good technical status of assembling,commissioning and running products ,our company will provide customers service with various organizational and technical measures. In order to improve the customers’ technical-economic effect of using machinery product and improve product quality and structure to provide more perfect products, our company developed seven sections of technical service .
    ① Information service: establish a long-term and stable relationship with customers,understand various opinions and requirements from customers,instruct users to use and maintain products properly.
    ② Assembly and commissioning service: assemble and commission products on site (or instruct users to do that)as per user’s requirements.
    ③ Maintenance service: the maintenance service includes regular service and irregular service. Based on customer’s requirements,our company will provide regular service according to maintenance types required by product maintenance plan and service items,and irregular service needed by accidents during transportation or usage.
    ④ Supply service: provide users spare parts and easily damaged parts related to products as required.
    ⑤ Inspection service: with advanced inspection equipment,the company ensures that the products delivered to customers had passed strict inspection. Owning an inspection center,our company can provide free inspection service to customers.
    ⑥ Technical documents service: provide customer relevant technical documents of product description,operation instruction,maintenance manual,the design data of easily damaged parts and spare parts,etc.

    ⑦ Training service: train operator or maintenance personnel for customers. The training contents mainly explain working principle of products which could help users grasp operation technique and common sense of maintenance.