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Service Promise
       Service Commitment: Shuangyi Technology considers that the top priority of marketing is service. Without good service,marketing will be like a tree without roots or water without a source. Shuangyi Technology fulfills the commitment “customer first” by practical action.By summing up experience of after-sales service and strengthening service quality and efforts constantly, Shuangyi forms a complete set of high-quality after-sales service system to eliminate worries from customers in the future.
  I Shuangyi Technology puts an end to product quality problems as much as possible ,and all Shuangyi products have passed ISO9001 International Quality System Certification.
  II We provide 24-hour free service of quality consultation through opening a 24-hour service hotline (Tel:0534-2267766) which can be dialed for all commissioning,assembly,maintenance or other after-sales services.
  III Before shipment, products shall be conducted a comprehensive performance test ,and provided written product inspection report,operation instruction and certification. When delivery, the quality of products shall be confirmed completely by the supply and demand sides.And if necessary,it can be performed test until achieving satisfying results. 
  IV  “Three guarantees” of products(i.e.guarantee high quality products,good service and high quality hardware)
  * All products of Shuangyi are guaranteed for one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance.
  * Under the condition that users observe all requirements in operation instruction, Shuangyi will provide free maintenance service for product’s damage or irregular operation caused by quality within one year since the users received the goods.
  * If quality and service cannot once reach customer satisfaction,customers can directly feed back to general manager of Shuangyi Technology
  * The after-sales service personnel shall pay a return visit to users once half a year so as to actively seek customers’ views and help them run the products well.

  * The company will establish files of usage and maintenance for users,and help them timely in equipment operation.