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Talent Strategy
人才策略     “Attract talent and retain talent;train talent and utilize talent;talent is the most precious wealth of company and we would like to provide a broad stage for persons with lofty ideals”. This is the personnel policy and development strategy of Shuangyi Technology. Shuangyi struggles for that: “walking national industrialization road,creating world famous brand in FRP industry and becoming international and large enterprise”.
    Under the guidance of this strategic thinking,in recent years our company has achieved that high technology personnel account for 30 percent of total employees.Shuangyi Technology observes the principle that combining the ambitions of  existing employees and the development of Shuangyi and making employees realize that the development of company contributes to achieving personal ideal. Shuangyi feeds rational spiritual outlook and economic benefit back to talents ,provide space,environment and conditions for ambitious people which could help improve their spiritual outlook and economic effectiveness rapidly.
    China western development and WTO accession provide a new development opportunity for Shuangyi Technology. On the basis of consolidating domestic market,Shuangyi will further exploit international market.Shuangyi deeply realizes that only attracting ,retaining and utilizing more high quality and high technology talents can Shuangyi hold the opportunity to create new brilliance.Business competition is almost equal to talent competition.Shuangyi welcomes excellent or ambitious people to join the company,and Shuangyi will place extra emphasis on their salary and working environment through establishing annual salary and high salary for relevant posts,promoting young employees as leaders,employing personnel with senior professional titles to be regularly trained (in the domestic and overseas) , providing accommodation to married researchers or supporting the researchers with high professional titles in the aspects of lab, assistant,fund and equipment,etc. as a priority.
    We hope that more talents join Shuangyi and struggle for the ideal of prospering national industry together with Shuangyi Technology.