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Face-to-face Meeting for Employees and Top Management, April 2014

Key word:Face-to-face,Meeting        Source:Shandong Shuangyi Technology Co., Ltd.        Release time:2014-05-06
    On April 25, the monthly Face-to-face Meeting for Employees and Top Management of Shandong Shuangyi Group Co., Ltd. was held at the 3rd floor meeting hall, Headquarters. In this month the general manager was invited to communicate with employees face to face. The meeting was held formally at 3:00 pm, and more than 30 front-line employee representatives attended.
    The topic for the general manager to communicate on this meeting is “employees growing up with the enterprise together”. At present Shuangyi is in the critical period of strategic development, the company shall pay attention to the synchronous development of employees and the company, they will go to realize the company’s strategic development goal in unitive pace only when the uniform thought and uniform objective are formed between employees and leaders. During the meeting, the general manager explained the new implication endued by the president to Shuangyi logo, interpreted 7 fields involved by the company’s products as well as the market prospect, and announced the enterprise’s recent situation: the sales revenue in first quarter 2014 has increased by 47.38% compared to the corresponding period last year. Accompanied by this rising momentum, Shuangyi Technology will go ahead steadily and surely, implement the concept of “quality foremost, service first”, and complete each step of strategic deployment conscientiously. The general manager requires employees to execute various working processes and management systems strictly, and advocates employees to seek for innovation during development. The general manager proposed during the meeting that: we shall communicate based on the principle of being practical and realistic, speaking frankly, and zero-distance and seamless contact, the participants shall speak actively, come up with good ideas and suggestions, put forward the rationalized proposals which are beneficial to the enterprise development and can also raise the problems which are related to the vital interests of front-line workers to discuss with the general manager. In the meeting the general manager paid high attention to questions raised by each employee, summarized after the meeting and put them into practice one by one, which acquires employees unanimous affirmation.
    The monthly Face-to-face Meeting for Employees and Top Management provides a dialogue platform to communicate with the company’s management, erects a bridge for the communication between top management and subordinates, shortens the distance for employees to communicate with the enterprise, constructs a green emotion channel for employees, and enables employees to feel more agreeable and more energetic at Shuangyi. As the company’s top management, it’s able to understand employees work and life situations better through the Face-to-face Meeting, listen to employees’ opinions and suggestions, care employees growing, it’s beneficial to construct a highly efficient team with cohesiveness, and it’s also making efforts for constructing harmonious Shuangyi.