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For the Third Five-axis Cooperating CNC Machining Center

Key word:CNC,Machining,Center        Source:Shandong Shuangyi Technology Co., Ltd.        Release time:2015-03-20
    In March 2015,Shandong Shuangyi Technology Co.,Ltd. procured the third fix-axis cooperating CNC machining center, and would formally put it into production at the end of month. This CNC center is the one with high speed and high efficiency that integrates processing experience and design of car model manufacturing,luxurious yacht model manufacturing,wind power rotor blade manufacturing,and casting model manufacturing,etc. The center owning features of high accuracy and efficiency is not only applicable to that using FRP, carbon fiber,paste,grease,resin sand,foam of high density and machinable plastics to make mould and process product,but also that using aluminum alloy materials to make metallic mould and produce products. Newly adding surface measuring cycles and compensation system of working pieces can make products more accurate,precise and highly automated.
    So far, Shuangyi Technology has owned three equipment of same type which separately are the first twenty-meter and five -axis cooperating CNC machining center introduced in 2010;the second sixty-meter and five -axis cooperating CNC machining center procured in 2011;the third seven-meter and five-axis cooperating CNC machining center which is newly introduced. As the enterprise of taking the lead to introduce the equipment and realizing scale production in domestic,Shuangyi Technology with strong productivity is able to manufacture monomer mould of 60m*8.5m*4m and achieve processing capacity monthly of more than 2,000 square meters. The moulds of blade,nacelle cover,yacht and vehicle produced by the equipment are with high precision and good quality,and have got unanimous approval and favorable comments from general customers. Shuangyi Technology adheres to the service concept of meeting customer’s requirements and exceeding customer’s expectation, and sincerely looks forwards to cooperating with you!
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