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Focus on New Material Market--Shuangyi Participated in Sampe Exhibition in 2013 Sampe

Key word:Focus,on,New,Material,Market        Source:Shandong Shuangyi Technology Co., Ltd.        Release time:2013-11-18
    Sampe annual meeting in China and exhibition was held smoothly in Shanghai Guangda exhibition center from Oct.29 to Oct.31,2013.By academic conference,exhibition,website information release,journals and books,the activity provided high-end platform to high-property material field and manufacturing field for communicating ideas,releasing information and showing enterprise and products which could help to achieve the purpose of sharing the information about new materials and technology. From more than 180 countries, the participants above 1,5000 persons are involved in the fields of aerospace,national defense,energy,automobile,textile,medicine,colleges and university ,manufacturing,sports and leisure equipment.
    The exhibited products of our company are high-end carbon fiber products and components in which the most attractive products are four-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and fixed-wing UAV. The shell of four-rotor UAV has advantages of light weight and exquisite craftsmanship which are highly spoken of by industry insiders. Fixed-wing UAV shell has the features of unique design,easily assembling and dismantling property and crash-proof performance which broaden the audiences’ horizons. Many industry insiders on site became interested in our products so that they came to discuss and learn the products. Mr. Zhao,vice manager,introduced the manufacturing process of UAV shell to customers at the scene,communicated the technology with industry insiders and college students.
    Through the activity, the new material products of our company received high praise and affirmation. In the future,we will keep consistent efforts to make research and innovation in new material field ,even make contributions to global development of new material.
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