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The “Family” Culture of Shuangyi

Key word:Family        Source:Shandong Shuangyi Technology Co., Ltd.        Release time:2014-04-01

  The “Family” Culture of Shuangyi 
                                                         - Reporting the March Employees Birthday party

  In order to strengthen the company’s group cohesiveness, promote the enterprise cultural construction, and make every employee really feel the warmth of Shuangyi “family”, on March 28, the monthly Shuangyi Employees Birthday Party was held as scheduled under the orchestrating and orderly organization of Integrated Management Department. The Integrated Management Department made an electronic photo album for the employees who are on birthday, the smiling faces, light and soft background music, birthday cakes, substantial buffet dinner party and small gifts with loving heart made the employees who attended the birthday party feel happiness and care. On behalf of the company’s leaders, the general manager expressed sincere wishes and eager expectations: hopes everyone will carry forward the united and positive atmosphere in their daily work.
  It happens to be the president’s birthday in March as well, the president is very amiable in the birthday party and he said: Don’t take me as the president, I have my birthday in March as well, all of us shall appreciate the Shuangyi operation and management team led by the general manager for creating such communication opportunity for us.”
  The Employees Birthday Party embodies the “family culture” fully and vividly.