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Scientific Management
    Giving full play to the advantages on talents, science, technology and equipment, the Shuangyi Technology gradually introduces various modern management methods and managerial experience of large and medium-size enterprises such as Haier management mode, A management mode, etc. to its own management system so as to form a unique management mode adapted to company features.
    Shuangyi Technology establishes a sound and perfect internal controlling system and implements post responsibility system which define clearly the responsibility of 30 employees including leaders and ordinary people. The economic benefit and post responsibility are directly related to wage or salary which could fully arouse the enthusiasm and initiative of employees to promote company’s production activity.
    With proper and reasonable departments setup,Shuangyi consists of production department,finance department,logistics department,marketing department and procurement department which have definite respective responsibilities.All departments cooperate closely with each other which could guarantee the normal supply,orderly production,timely delivery and money collection.
    Shuangyi Technology adopts advanced manufacturing process and sophisticated inspection equipment,employs a group of high quality technical personnel for quality management. Shuangyi Technology is the first to pass the certification of ISO9001Quality System in the same industry.